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A myriad of key neighborhood assets are found within these boundaries, which include Huston Tillotson University, ACC’s Eastview Campus, a brand new Lifeworks facility, a local elementary and middle school within walking distance, the Carver Library and Museum, a Goodwill Industries’ Job Source Center, Rosewood Zaragosa Health Center, great parks and recreational facilities such as the Millennium Youth complex, as well as the redevelopment of the 11th, 12th and 7th Street corridor to name a few. HACA intends to build upon these existing assets and neighborhood planning goals and efforts, and through its planning process enhance and create new assets for the benefit of the neighborhood’s residents.

The Rosewood Courts focus area currently includes 124 apartments on just over eight acres between Rosewood Avenue on the north, Poquito Street on the east and Chicon Street on the west.

One of the oldest properties in HACA’s portfolio, Rosewood Courts was built over 73 years ago in 1939. The barrack-style, cinder block construction of the property no longer fits with the aesthetic of the neighborhood. However, of much greater importance, are the antiquated systems and design deficiencies that must be modernized and corrected to provide a more comfortable living environment for Rosewood residents. While HACA maintains Rosewood Courts very well and consistently receives high scores on its HUD inspections, deficiencies in design and building systems must be updated. The units at Rosewood Courts have no air conditioning, steep and narrow stairwells, very small bedrooms and living spaces that require upgrades. The topography of the site differs by as much as 30 feet from one end of the property to the other, making it difficult to maneuver for our residents, particularly those individuals that have physical disabilities or are elderly. It is HACA’s desire to revitalize Rosewood Courts to effectively meet the needs of current residents and benefit the surrounding community.