Rosewood Choice Neighborhoods Planning Process Gets Underway!

Development of the Rosewood Choice Neighborhoods Plan recently began with a series of introductory meetings. On January 22nd, two meetings were held for residents of Rosewood Courts to explain the planning process, identify initial issues and concerns that should be addressed by the plan, and answer resident questions. On January 23rd, representatives of neighborhood associations and faith-based groups active in the planning area were provided with an overview of the planning process and were asked to help get the word out about the first community planning meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 26th, 6–8 PM at the Boys & Girls Club, 901 Thompson Street. The first Task Force meeting was held on January 24th. The Task Force includes representatives from neighborhood associations, Rosewood Courts residents, and a variety of non-profit and public agencies active in the Rosewood Choice Neighborhoods planning area. The role of the Task Force is to serve as a resource for plan development by providing and sharing information with their constituents and the planning team.