Work Groups to Convene in December

Work Group Meetings

New Meetings Scheduled

On November 13th and 14th, 2013, HACA held Part 2 of its Work Group meetings as part of its Rosewood Choice Neighborhoods Initiative. These Work Groups represented four overarching areas of interest, and were designed to discuss and brainstorm around a number of strategic initiatives and potential projects related to the “People” element of the Choice Neighborhoods planning initiative.  The Work Groups that were held included Kids & Family, Business & Community, Self-Sufficiency, and Health & Wellness and grew out of the planning and information completed to date for the Rosewood Choice Neighborhoods Initiative. At those meetings the HACA Choice Team indicated that there would be follow-up meetings prior to the next Rosewood Choice Neighborhoods Community Meeting. The dates and times for those meetings are listed below.

All meetings will occur at the Salina Apartments Community Room – 1143 Salina St

  1. Kids & Family – Tuesday, December 10th, 10:30  to Noon
  2. Self-Sufficiency – Tuesday, December 10th, 1:30  to 3:00 PM
  3. Health & Wellness – Wednesday, December 11th, 8:30  to 10:00 AM
  4. Business & Community – Wednesday, December 11th, 10:00  to 11:30 AM*

Even if you did not attend previous meetings but are still interested in participating in a work group, please try to attend. We welcome and encourage your participation in developing implementable projects for the Rosewood Choice Neighborhoods Planning Area.

The purpose of this third set of Work Group meetings will be to move beyond a refining of potential initiatives and projects to a prioritization of these initiatives and projects. The goals are as follows:

  1. Review/refine the results of Meeting 2
  2. Prioritize identified initiatives
  3. Identify leaders to support project implementation

Prior to the meeting we ask that you please review the notes from Work Group Meeting #2 (found here) and jot down notes to bring with you regarding these items. The Choice Team is also compiling notes and information that will be brought to the meetings. We will collect all notes and combine them into one final and guiding document for the work to come.

If you have colleagues or others that you think may be interested in participating in this group, please extend the invite to them. If your interest in a specific group has changed please also alert us. It is still anticipated that after this third round of Work Group meetings, the final report will be presented at the next Task Force meeting in late January.

*The Business and Community Group did not have a chance to get through the full matrix – particularly the last two strategies – during the November meeting. Attendees to the Business & Community meeting on December 11th should focus on thoughts, ideas and brainstorms on those two strategies in particular.